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Ingrid Liberatore

As someone who is curious about others and their needs, I support, advise, and enlighten entrepreneurs, marketers, and their colleagues to facilitate the different stages of creation, pre/post production, and logistics. In an increasingly digital and disconnected world, I am committed to placing human contact at the center of our profession, and thus nurturing a lasting and sustainable relationship of trust.


Alexander Laue

My experience in designing advertising objects, packaging, and various communication media puts me face to face with my responsibility as a designer, and the need to inspire new habits of creation and consumption.

We cannot turn back the clock... but we can "rethink" our way of creating, taking into account a circular economy rather than a linear one, and a more respectful and sustainable consumption.

a solution for you

Because every little step counts...

We support you in your choices of communication media,

provide you with more environmentally responsible creation and production solutions, and raise your awareness of more sustainable practices.

The Studio is our technical tool that allows us to move from idea and creation to the realization of your concepts and products.


LOGO CP-FINAL_edited.png

ConvergencePoint offers its creative skills to serve your brand, product, and most ambitious concepts. We connect you with your awareness and help you find the point of convergence between environmental reality and marketing challenges.

Brainstorming, logos, displays, window decoration, store design, booth design, e-packaging, consumer experience... all while raising your awareness of the impact of your choices.

​We accompany you to illuminate the future of all possibilities.

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CP'studio offers its technical skills to serve your most abstract briefings, to move from a virtual idea to reality. 

3D layout, shape cutting creation, document preparation for production, animated GIFs, interactive PDFs, digital creations, augmented reality... We provide the necessary support to guide you through the complex world of digital and print.

made with sense

Disruptive projects that are aligned with our values.

We like to break codes, explore new perspectives, and challenge your ways of thinking...

Let's co-create together!

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What if your waste
become your flagship product ?

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What if we took off our shoes for the meeting ?

Because every small step counts towards  sustainable change, we raise your awareness, inspire you and accompany you to apply circular economy principles.

Rethinking space to dedicate more time to well-being, giving your employees the opportunity to take a break, to recharge, to find balance between“doing” & “being”…

Contact us

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0032 (0)2 743 47 70

Convergence Point SRL / BV

Registered head office: Av. des Volontaires, 19 / 1160 Brussels

Studio: Hoornzeelstraat, 24 / 3080 Tervuren

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